iCreate 112 Is Out!

iCreate 112 Is Out!

Issue 112 of iCreate hit the shelves at your local magazine boutique this week, and contained within its info-packed pages is a two-page tutorial from me on the basics of recording live instruments in GarageBand. Focussing on how to connect and configure external interfaces and microphones, setting levels, choosing monitor effects and finally recording takes, this guide should provide all the information you need to get a basic session off the ground when recording acoustic instruments with a microphone. The tutorial starts on page 48, and keep your eyes peeled for more from me in next month’s issue!


iCreate 108 Is Out!

iCreate issue 108 lands with a satisfying thump on the shelves of your local magazinical emporium today, and within its pages you’ll find a solid contribution from this writer – 10 pages, in fact. Page 44 kicks things off with my tutorial showing how to use the Vignette and Edge Blur tools in iPhoto, while over on page 56 you’ll find my 9-step guide to MIDI note editing in GarageBand.
Page 82
has a double-page spread revealing 10 iTunes secrets, and page 86 features another two pages exploring the features of CleanMyMac, an app that can help keep your hard drive free of space-hogging junk.
Finally, on page 106 is another two-pager detailing the iDesk diagram-creation app for the iPad. Quite a variety this month!

How to Make a Videosong with iLife ’11 – MacUser Tutorial

Videosongs are home-made music videos where you record both audio and video of your performance, then edit it together so that what you hear is also what you see. They’re a fantastic and fun way to show off your musical talents to the world at large, and as promised in an earlier post, the 6-page videosong tutorial I was working on in January appears in this fortnight’s issue of MacUser magazine. In a massive 28-step guide on how to record, edit and share a complete multitrack audio and split-screen video performance, I take you step by step through the process from start to finish, using only a camcorder or iPhone 4, together with the GarageBand and iMovie software that comes free with every new Mac. So if you fancy getting stuck into a rewarding and entertaining creative project, why not nip down to Smiths this afternoon and pick up a copy of the mag?

iCreate Issue 103 Out Now!

Good to see Imagine Publishing getting the year off to a cracking start with another feature-packed issue of iCreate magazine hitting the shelves this week. All the hours I put in before Christmas have resulted in a total of eight pages from me in this month’s issue. On page 40 you’ll find a 4-page mega-tutorial on how to use GarageBand to score your iMovie projects, while elsewhere in the issue I demonstrate how to customise the toolbar in Mac OS X’s Mail app and how to create your own Dashboard widgets using Safari webclips. All useful stuff, especially when combined with the brilliant cover feature detailing 50 secret tips for iLife. If you want to see more, get down to your newsagent or subscribe to the digital version via Newsstand.

iCreate 97 is pleased to make your acquaintance

Issue 97 of iCreate magazine hits the shelves today, and this time I made the front cover! I have a feature in this issue on how to enhance and go beyond iLife, and also two GarageBand tutorials: one on mastering keyboard shortcuts and one highlighting a little-known feature that allows you to build your own basic sampler instruments. Only three more issues til we hit the magic 100!