iCreate 108 Is Out!

iCreate issue 108 lands with a satisfying thump on the shelves of your local magazinical emporium today, and within its pages you’ll find a solid contribution from this writer – 10 pages, in fact. Page 44 kicks things off with my tutorial showing how to use the Vignette and Edge Blur tools in iPhoto, while over on page 56 you’ll find my 9-step guide to MIDI note editing in GarageBand.
Page 82
has a double-page spread revealing 10 iTunes secrets, and page 86 features another two pages exploring the features of CleanMyMac, an app that can help keep your hard drive free of space-hogging junk.
Finally, on page 106 is another two-pager detailing the iDesk diagram-creation app for the iPad. Quite a variety this month!