Avid Pro Tools Basics Hits Bookstores and Websites

Avid Pro Tools Basics Hits Bookstores and Websites

APTB I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that my first book, Avid Pro Tools Basics, (part of Flametree Publishing’s Everyday Guides Made Easy series) is now available from all good online bookstores, and even a few disreputable ones, along with the odd high street bookshop. An indispensable 128-page guide to getting up and running with Avid’s iconic hard disk recording, production and mixing software, this is the book that should be in the box when you order the software. Except it doesn’t really come in a box any more, but you know what I mean.

So, if you’ve recently bought Pro Tools, or are considering it as your next studio purchase, why not pick up a copy of this too? I worked really hard to make it accessible and informative for everyone from total beginners to seasoned veterans, and there’s lots of nice pictures in it as well. Even if you have no interest in Pro Tools, why not buy a copy anyway and read it to your kids at bedtime? They’ll be snoring their heads off before you’ve done three pages! £7.99 of anyone’s money well spent I reckon!

Avid Release Pro Tools 10.3, adds OS X Mountain Lion & Thunderbolt Compatibility

Avid Release Pro Tools 10.3, adds OS X Mountain Lion & Thunderbolt Compatibility

Avid have officially released Pro Tools version 10.3, which adds support both for OS X Mountain Lion and the newly-announced HD Native Thunderbolt interfaces, discussed in the earlier post below.

From Avid’s website:
Pro Tools Version 10.3 is an officially qualified and recommended installer for:

Pro Tools systems on Mac OS X 10.6.7 – 10.8 or Windows 7 SP1
Pro Tools|HDX systems on Mac OS X 10.7 – 10.8 or Windows 7 SP1
Pro Tools|HD Native systems on Mac OS X 10.6.7 – 10.8 or Windows 7 SP1
Pro Tools|HD Native Thunderbolt systems on Mac OS X 10.7.4 – 10.8 or Windows 7 SP1
Pro Tools|HD Accel systems on Mac OS X 10.6.7 – 10.8 or Windows 7 SP1

The website also mentions that, although this version of Pro Tools is now qualified for Mountain Lion, if you own a Mac Pro, it’s only officially supported on computers with Nehalem processors onwards. In other words, if your Mac Pro dates from earlier than March 2009, you’re outta luck.
Another caveat is that Pro Tools non-HD device drivers (such as drivers for M-Audio FireWire interfaces, Mbox 2, Mbox 2 Micro, Mbox 2 Mini, Mbox 2 Pro, & Pro Tools Mbox Mini) are not yet officially supported with Mountain Lion.

Pro Tools 10.3 is available for registered users to download from here.

Avid Launch ProTools HD Native Thunderbolt Interface – but who for?

Avid Launch ProTools HD Native Thunderbolt Interface – but who for?

Avid, creators of the legendary Pro Tools audio recording, editing and mixing system, last week furthered their quest to eliminate the inherent latency of typical USB and FireWire audio interfaces by announcing a pair of new Pro Tools HD Native interfaces that take advantage of the ultra high-speed Thunderbolt connection standard found on the current crop of computers.
Don’t get too excited though, because even if you were able to purchase one of the new Thunderbolt interfaces, which come in either desktop box or PCIe core card format, as a single item, you’d still need to purchase an additional Pro Tools HD I/O audio interface to hook it up to. As it is, you can only buy them as part of a bundle – the new ‘interfaces’ do not have any audio in or out connections themselves, they’re just bridging devices, a means of utilising the speed of the data throughput of the Thunderbolt port on current computers, in preference to latency-prone USB and FireWire ports. This means that the price of the cheapest available bundle, consisting of Thunderbolt interface, Pro Tools 10 software and compatible HD OMNI audio interface, comes out at a whopping $4999USD (around £3300GBP).

UK Pricing:

Pro Tools|HD Native + HD OMNI System £3,299.00 (£3,958.80 inc. VAT)
Pro Tools|HD Native + HD I/O 8x8x8 System £3,999.00 (£4,798.80 inc. VAT)
Pro Tools|HD Native + HD I/O 16×16 Analog System £4,599.00 (£5,518.80inc. VAT)
Pro Tools|HD Native + HD MADI System £4,599.00 (£5,518.80 inc. VAT)
Mbox Family / 00x to HD|Native + HD OMNI Exchange £2,599.00 (£3,118.80 inc. VAT)

For the moment at least, Avid are not offering the unit on its own to accommodate the needs of Continue reading

WaveMachine Labs Bring 48-Track Digital Multitrack to the iPad with Auria

Could this be the iOS answer to ProTools?

This week marked a pioneering iOS app release in the shape of Auria from WaveMachine Labs. For what I’m led to believe is an introductory price of £34.99, this astonishing app will transform your iPad into a fully professional digital multitrack recorder and mixer, complete with effect plug-ins. iPad 2 or 3 owners can benefit from an incredible 48 tracks of audio playback, while iPad 1 users are limited to 24, which is still not to be sniffed at.

Auria’s list of professional-friendly features is impressive: 48 tracks of simultaneous mono or stereo playback, up to 24 tracks of simultaneous recording (when used with a suitable interface), 96kHz sample rate support, 8 assignable subgroups, 2 aux sends, waveform editing, full automation, full delay compensation and Dropbox and Soundcloud integration. A vintage-inspired PSPAudioware ChannelStrip on every channel includes built-in Expander, Multiband EQ and Compressor effects.

In addition, AAF import & export promises the transfer of complete projects to and from other Continue reading

Guide to Audio Restoration – Computer Music Issue 175

Ever wanted to get rid of an annoying hum or tape hiss from an audio recording? My 5-page feature tutorial “Taking the Hiss” on page 48 of this month’s issue of Computer Music magazine turns the spotlight on what’s possible with the latest audio restoration software. Logic, ProTools, iZotope’s amazing RX2 and Adobe Audition are all featured, along with an amazing piece of software called Photosounder that literally turns sound into images so that you can edit out unwanted noises using image editing software like Photoshop, then turn the doctored image back into sound again, without the noise… incredible stuff! With audio examples for all the step-by-step guides included on the cover DVD, if you’ve ever been troubled by crackles, pops, squeaky chairs, coughs or burps (sounds like the average morning around the breakfast table in our house), this is your comprehensive guide to noise removal using noise profiling, spectral editing, even a pencil tool. As ever, there’s lots of other great stuff in the mag too, so check out Computer Music 175 in all good newsagents – now!

Logic Pro Goes Download-only

Apple have today relaunched their professional digital audio software solution, Logic Pro, as a download-only title available from the Mac App Store. Retailing in the UK at £139.99, this represents a considerable saving on the £399 RRP of the now discontinued Logic Studio bundle. Mainstage 2, the live performance application, is available separately for £20.99.

The new Logic Pro package is interesting in that it makes the Logic app available as a standalone application, rather than being part of a bundle. While the content included with the app itself initially appears to be greatly reduced in volume, Apple are making an additional 19GB of content (presumably Apple Loops, EXS24 instruments, synth presets and Space Designer impulse responses) available to download from within the app. Logic Express users will be interested to note that the high-end features thus far denied to them are now available at this price point, although it hasn’t been made clear whether there is an upgrade path from the Express version to this latest, Mac App Store version. For anyone considering moving up from GarageBand though, 140 quid is something of a bargain in my view.

As far as a brand new version, in the light of the furore surrounding the recent market repositioning of Final Cut Pro, nobody is really sure what Apple has up its sleeve for Logic. Will the next major release be a dumbed-down version for hobbyists that leaves professional users frothing, or will it be a totally re-written, re-structured ProTools killer? One thing we can definitely say is that, two and a half years after its last major update, this is a very interesting development in the evolution of the Logic product. Watch this space…

Pro Tools 10 / HDX Breaks Cover at AES 2011

Avid today unveiled their next generation of Pro Tools professional audio recording, mixing and editing software and hardware. Pro Tools 10 software offers over 250 new features, enhancements and improvements, including changes in the way it handles audio files on your hard drive, the ability to load and playback sessions from RAM, realtime fades (farewell, fade files!), clip gain, new AAX plugin architecture and many more. The new hardware delivers 5x the DSP performance of an HD system, higher resolution, larger track counts, more headroom…. just lots more of everything by the sound of it!

Exciting stuff, can’t wait to try it out. Now, what was Avid’s phone number again?