Video Examples

On this page you’ll find links to a selection of some of the tutorial videos I’ve created for Computer Music magazine.

Changing a Vocal Melody with Melodyne

Creating a Dolby THX-Style Polyphonic Glide

Creating a Basic Trap Build & Drop

Streamlining Beats with Linear Drumming

Basic Compression with the eaReckon CM-COMP87

Basic ADSR Envelope Parameters

The Easy Guide to Pentatonic Scales

Using Basic LFO Parameters

WaveShaper CM – Distortion & Oscilloscope Plug-In

Classic Close-Voiced House Piano Chords

Basic Compression with HorNet Fat-Fet

Working with Cubase 7’s Mix Console

Replicate Classic 80’s Gated Drum Reverb with Plug-Ins

Melody Writing Tips: Deriving a Melody from Inverted Chords

Melody Writing Tips: Using the One Degree Overshoot

Melody Writing Tips: Six Degrees of Separation

Melody Writing Tips: Repeated or Sequenced Motifs