Dave Clews began his audio career in 1988 as a graduate of Manchester’s School of Sound Recording (SSR).

A busy year at Falconer Studios in London followed, during which he progressed quickly along the traditional path from tape-op to fully-fledged recording engineer & MIDI programmer.

He left Falconer in January 1990, and has been a freelance audio engineer, programmer and keyboard player ever since.
Throughout his career he has worked at most of the top London studios, with many high-profile artists, particularly through a long association with producer and songwriter Johnny Douglas.

Dave’s music technology writing career began in March 2007 when he was asked to submit a Logic Express tutorial on vocal recording and editing techniques to iCreate magazine. He has contributed to almost every issue since, clocking up over 400 regular monthly tutorials, reviews and features for iCreate, and now also writes editorial copy for other print and online publications, including Computer Music and MusicRadar. He authored 88 instalments of a regular monthly music theory column – Dave Clews’ Easy Guide – for Computer Music magazine, which regularly featured an accompanying screencast video, and is the author of Avid Pro Tools Basics.

Dave currently also lectures on synthesizer sound design at Leeds Conservatoire

Dave is married, has one daughter and currently lives in Cambridgeshire.


4 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Nice blog, Dave. (You should have a twitter follow button on your blog.) I’m looking forward to any hint of Logic X. I’ve been a Logic user for TV audio post and commercial radio for a decade now. Since before Apple bought it.

    Drew Mehrtens

  2. Wotcha Dave,
    I have started using your blog regularly to get the latest news … having spent several years in the studio with you, I know your opinions are trustworthy!
    Ren x

    • Mr Swan! Nice to hear from you, hope you’re well mate. And thank you for a lovely comment too 🙂

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