The Answer Is Yes – Videosong Collaboration with Polkadothaze

This is the first in what will hopefully turn out to be a series of videosong collaborations with the uber-talented Lucy Hirst (aka Polkadothaze).
For those interested, the video for this was all shot between Christmas 2011 and January 2012 using an iPhone 4, which also handled most of the audio recording due to the lack of a proper microphone. It came about while I was researching a tutorial article for MacUser magazine on how to make videosongs on your Mac – I figured that the best way to research the topic was to actually make a videosong of my own!
The track was put together in GarageBand and the video was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, largely because of iMovie’s limited split-screen effects capabilities. Luckily for me, the leg-slapping was achieved in one take, so no major bruising was suffered! The article was eventually published on page 84 of the 17 Feb 2012 issue of MacUser (Vol.28, No.4). (See post below). Check it out if you want to find out how the video was done.
If you like how it turned out, please do like the vid on YouTube and subscribe to Lucy’s channel, as there’ll hopefully be more songs from this amazing new talent appearing soon.


How to Make a Videosong with iLife ’11 – MacUser Tutorial

Videosongs are home-made music videos where you record both audio and video of your performance, then edit it together so that what you hear is also what you see. They’re a fantastic and fun way to show off your musical talents to the world at large, and as promised in an earlier post, the 6-page videosong tutorial I was working on in January appears in this fortnight’s issue of MacUser magazine. In a massive 28-step guide on how to record, edit and share a complete multitrack audio and split-screen video performance, I take you step by step through the process from start to finish, using only a camcorder or iPhone 4, together with the GarageBand and iMovie software that comes free with every new Mac. So if you fancy getting stuck into a rewarding and entertaining creative project, why not nip down to Smiths this afternoon and pick up a copy of the mag?