How to Make a Videosong with iLife ’11 – MacUser Tutorial

Videosongs are home-made music videos where you record both audio and video of your performance, then edit it together so that what you hear is also what you see. They’re a fantastic and fun way to show off your musical talents to the world at large, and as promised in an earlier post, the 6-page videosong tutorial I was working on in January appears in this fortnight’s issue of MacUser magazine. In a massive 28-step guide on how to record, edit and share a complete multitrack audio and split-screen video performance, I take you step by step through the process from start to finish, using only a camcorder or iPhone 4, together with the GarageBand and iMovie software that comes free with every new Mac. So if you fancy getting stuck into a rewarding and entertaining creative project, why not nip down to Smiths this afternoon and pick up a copy of the mag?


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