IK Multimedia Announce iRig KEYS Keyboard Controller for Mac, iPhone & iPad

IK Multimedia Announce iRig KEYS Keyboard Controller for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Just when you think they couldn’t possibly dream up any more iOS-compatible musical accessories, IK Multimedia come up with yet another in their long line of i-Prefixed goodies. This time it’s iRig KEYS, announced yesterday.
A slim, 3-octave controller keyboard for iPhone, iPad and Mac featuring 37 velocity-sensitive mini keys, proper pitch bend and mod wheels and a sustain pedal input, iRig KEYS allows connection directly to the iPhone or iPad’s 30-pin connector, obviating the need for Apple’s Camera Connection Kit accessory required by regular USB controller keyboards.
iRig KEYS is Core MIDI and USB class compliant for a true plug-and-play experience both with iOS devices or Mac/PC, so no additional app, software or drivers need to be installed to get it up and running. When hooked up to an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, it can be powered by the device for total portability. For longer playing sessions it can be powered by the available USB port, which also powers the unit when connected to a Mac or PC.
The device works either with the included app and software or with a multitude of other MIDI-compatible DAW apps on any iOS, MacOS or Windows system. As a bonus, the package includes SampleTank Free for iOS, or SampleTank 2 L for Mac & PC, which includes over 2GB of sampled sounds. When it hits the dealers’ shelves this Autumn, iRig KEYS will be available for €74.99 (around £60 GBP).

More info available from www.irigkeys.com


My iRig MIDI Review Reviewed!

The review of IK Multimedia’s fabulous iRig MIDI that appears in this month’s issue of iCreate magazine has received its own mini-review on IK Multimedia’s news page. You can find out what I thought of the device by checking out the full news item at http://www.ikmultimedia.com/Main.html?MainPage.php (Clue: I kinda liked it!). Many thanks to Paul Kaufman at IK for putting the excerpts up on the site.

iCreate Issue 102 Now Available

Issue 102 of iCreate magazine hits the shelves today, just in time for Christmas, haha. Unusually this month, I’ve been reviewing stuff rather than telling you how to use stuff. Page 120 is where you’ll find my comprehensive 2-page review of IK Multimedia’s astounding iRig MIDI. This is a proper MIDI interface for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, if you can believe it. It’s the size of a Zippo lighter and means that you can hook up a full size MIDI keyboard to your iPhone, or swap things around and use your phone as a multi-touch MIDI controller. My last MIDI interface was a 19″ wide rackmounted unit, so I look upon this device with almost religious awe and wonderment.

Elsewhere in the issue, I get to have a play with Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac. Another amazing bit of kit, this allows you to fire up a virtual PC running Windows on your Mac, but does it so that you can switch and transfer files and data back and forth seamlessly between Windows and OS X applications, with no restarts required. After a while, you forget it’s there, it’s incredible technology. If you regularly need to access Windows software and documents but prefer using a Mac, this is your answer right here.