Massive ‘GarageBand Made Easy’ Feature in iCreate 107

iCreate issue 107 hits the shelves in the next day or so, and I’m proud to reveal that it contains my biggest feature yet – a huge nineteen-page introduction to the world of GarageBand, explaining everything from how the interface works, what templates to select, how to write your first song, how to record your own performances, how to compose a song using just Apple Loops and how to use the software to score an iMovie project. This is the biggest feature I’ve done in 5 years of writing, and it’s a belter! If you’ve ever had any inclination to get started with GarageBand, everything you need is right here, starting from page 24.
Elsewhere in the issue, there’s more great stuff about how to improve your Mac using upgrades and system add-ons, and more tutorials on iLife for iOS, Aperture and Final Cut Pro X.


Another MacUser GarageBand Tutorial Published

It’s a nice problem to have, I guess, but I sometimes lose track of which article is coming out when in what magazine. The current issue of MacUser is a case in point, as it features a four-page GarageBand tutorial, starting on page 86, in which I demonstrate how to use the Musical Typing feature as a rudimentary sampler, create your own Apple Loops with the resulting instruments and thereby personalise and expand your Apple Loop library with your own custom sounds. So if you want to learn how this is done, get hold of a copy sharpish, as my lateness in getting this post up means that it’ll only be in the shops for another week or so!

iCreate Issue 105 Out Today!

It hardly seems like 4 weeks has gone by, yet here’s another issue of iCreate stuffed full of lovely stuff, and four pages of it is by me! I have two GarageBand tutorials this month, the first on combatting hiss in your recordings (hot on the heels of my Computer Music guide to audio restoration last month!). The second tutorial demonstrates an interesting and simple technique for breathing new life into your Apple Loop library, by reassigning different software instruments to your existing MIDI loops. All this, together with an in-depth guide to iCloud, introduction to OS X Mountain Lion, a look at iBooks Author and a host of other goodies make for another great issue from the team. Go get it!