Sony Officially Announce Sound Forge Pro Mac 1.0

Sony Officially Announce Sound Forge Pro Mac 1.0

As mentioned in an earlier post, there has been a teaser campaign running for several weeks now at, heralding the imminent arrival of an OS X version of Sony’s Sound Forge Pro audio recording, editing and mastering software. Well, the day has arrived – Sony Creative Software officially announced today that Sound Forge Pro v1.0 for Mac will be available later this month at a suggested retail price of $299USD.

From the press release:
“People who work on audio editing platforms recognize the need for a fresh option in the marketplace, one that’s built for OS X as Continue reading


Sony Sound Forge Pro 10 Coming to the Mac Platform?

If a series of teaser videos viewable at is to be believed, Sony Creative Software are readying their professional-level audio recording, editing and processing software Sound Forge Pro for a Mac OS X release.

The app, which has been PC-only since its inception by Sonic Foundry in the 1990’s, has been at version 10 on the PC platform since June 2010, so it seems strange that an appearance on the Mac platform two years after the same version appeared for the PC should not be accompanied by a significant version upgrade for both platforms. However, if the shots of Sound Forge running on a MacBook Pro shown in the videos are for real, then the ranks of OS X audio editing apps are about to be joined by an accomplished, revered and versatile package that includes tools for sample-level sound design and mastering across multiple formats. It doesn’t do MIDI though, so Logic, Cubase and Pro Tools can probably sleep safe in their beds for now.

No release date has been confirmed by Sony as yet, but watch this space for more Sound Forge Pro news over the coming days.