Electro Legends: Gary Numan – Cars, Love Hurt Bleed Video Tutorials

Numan ELS CoverThe third, and as it turns out final, instalment of Future Publishing’s Electro Legends Series of digital magazines is now available to download. This time around the focus is on Gary Numan, looking both at his earlier iconic works and also featuring a sneak peek or two at his latest album of new studio material, Splinter (Songs from a Broken Mind). My contribution to this edition takes the form of separate video tutorials on how to program synth sounds from two Numan tunes, old and new. Firstly, I demonstrate how to recreate the famous Polymoog lead sound from Gary’s 1979 hit ‘Cars’, swiftly followed by a breakdown of one of the main synth sounds from one of the new album tracks entitled ‘Love Hurt Bleed’.

The digimag also features a four-part video exclusive with the man himself, as well as a 3D video exploration of classic album Replicas and a look at Gary’s synths. It’s available through the free Computer Music and Future Music iPad or iPhone apps at a very reasonable £1.99. Go get it!


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