iCreate 124 – Logic Pro X Review, GarageBand Compressor Guide

iCreate 124 Cover 500Another new, tall issue of iCreate muscles its substantial way onto the shelves this week, and I have good reason to celebrate this, as I’m back up to two contributions this month.
Keeping up with what seems to be a bit of a recurring theme for me at the moment, I’ve got a two-page guide to the compressor in GarageBand starting on page 50, in which I attempt to de-mystify once again the way a compressor works, why it’s so useful and how it has the power to make almost every track in your project sound better.

Elsewhere, having struck while the iron was hot and purchased Logic Pro X on the day it was launched, I managed to get reviews of it into two magazines – iCreate 124 being one of them. You’ll find what I thought of it on page 100, in a thorough, two-page scrutiny of the newest version of Apple’s flagship DAW.

Also, as a sideline in the news section this month, I get to contribute a couple of quotes to the item on the launch of Logic Pro X, complete with namecheck, which is a bonus!
If you want to see my soundbites, check out page 9.


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