iCreate 113 – GarageBand Notation View & Flex Editing

Creative Mac types will be pleased to note that Issue 113 of iCreate has now broken cover, and this latest issue features two double-page GarageBand tutorials from me. First up, on page 72, you’ll find my guide to score editing using the app’s notation view feature. Focussing on editing notes, correctly displaying time and key signatures, homing in on problem areas such as triplets and accidentals, how to insert rests and pedal symbols, and finally how to print your MIDI parts as a musical score, this two-pager turns the spotlight on an area of GarageBand that’s often overlooked by the majority of users.

Flick over onto page 74 and you’ll find my guide to using flex editing techniques to address wayward timing issues in your projects. I’m always amazed at how Apple have managed to shoehorn so many pro-level features into an entry level DAW that comes free on every Mac, and flex editing, which allows you to freely adjust the timing of audio regions without affecting their pitch, is a great example of this. In this piece, I demonstrate how you can shift individual words and syllables within a vocal region to alter the phrasing.

So, why not take advantage of these and numerous other great tutorials, reviews and features, along with all the latest Apple news, by grabbing yourself a copy of iCreate 113? Like the US Mint – you know it makes cents!


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