Computer Music 184 – Expressive Synth Lines (with Video) and 2CAudio B2 Review

Two contributions from the writing desk feature in the November 2012 issue of Computer Music magazine, now appearing front-and-centre on the shelves in all good newsagents, not to mention available to download digitally. Firstly, on page 60 you’ll find my four-page guide to adding expression to programmed synth lines – we’re talking how to add pitch bend and mod-wheel vibrato after the event to make it sound as if your lead parts were recorded by a seasoned keyboard pro. There’s even a section dedicated to getting the most out of your synth’s portamento control, and the whole thing is backed up with audio examples and video walkthroughs to be found on the cover-mounted DVD.

Also in this issue is my review of 2CAudio‘s new B2 spatial processor plug-in, which is to all intents and purposes a very high-quality algorithmic reverb unit. If you thought early reflections were what greet you in the bathroom mirror first thing in the morning, this thing will change that perception forever. Find out exactly what I thought of it on page 96. (Hint: I kinda liked it!)


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