Computer Music 181 Out Now!

The new issue of Computer Music magazine hits the shelves this week, and inside you’ll find my four-page guide to MIDI editing by numbers. This is an in-depth illustration of how, using Cubase’s Logical Edit function and Logic’s Transform window, you can leverage the power of simple maths to perform instant, wide-ranging edits on multiple events in your MIDI sequences with just a couple of clicks. Want to fix all your note velocities to a value of 100, or all note lengths to 16th-notes? Randomise velocity within a certain pitch range? Rearrange and randomise drum loops? Add a bit of human randomness to a sequence? Use custom keyboard commands to adjust velocity? It’s all laid out here, and the article starts on page 50.

Elsewhere in the issue, I also have a review of Zynaptiq’s remarkable Unveil plug-in. The audio equivalent of a sheet of kitchen roll, this signal focussing plug-in removes excessive reverb from an audio file, allowing you to re-process it with a more suitable effect. Find out exactly what I thought of it on page 84.

The CM team have done their usual excellent job with this issue, with a detailed look at how to use the amazing Sylenth1 soft synth, a feature on how to maximise the stereo width of your mixes, and loads of other tutorials, interviews and reviews – not to mention the usual ton of free stuff on the cover disc.


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