Computer Music 200 – Easy Guide: Extensions, Vocal Production Tips, Review: MVintage Rotary

CM200 Cover In an issue that marks an important milestone for the mag, Computer Music’s 200th issue hits the shelves this week. To mark the occasion, the guys at CM have put together a huge guide made up of 200 production tips in all kinds of categories, from Ableton programming to Mastering. As part of this enormous and incredibly useful feature, you’ll find my 10 vocal production tips on page 44.
Elsewhere in the issue, this month’s music theory Easy Guide is concerned with Extensions, and not the kind you put in your hair either. No, this double-page walkthrough with accompanying video takes you through the process of constructing and using extended chords, breaking out from the limits of triads and cutting loose with more complex and ‘grown-up’ chords, such as 7ths, 9ths, 11ths and 13ths. You’ll find it in its more-or-less normal spot on page 76.
Meanwhile, MeldaProductions’ MVintage Rotary Leslie speaker emulation plug-in gets a thorough workout on page 94. Why not get hold of a copy of this milestone mag to find out whether it got me in a spin or not?



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