Computer Music 196 – Easy Guide to Minor Scales, Arturia MiniLab review

CM196 Cover 500This week marks the launch of issue 196 of Computer Music magazine, and I was on light duties for this one, owing to my having had a well-earned two-weeks’ holiday in August – right after Apple chose to launch Logic Pro X! So sadly I didn’t get to contribute to the massive Logic guide that dominates this issue, although I did get to play with the impressive Arturia MiniLab compact USB keyboard controller, my review of which starts on page 96.
Of course, these days, no issue of CM would be complete without my regular Easy Guide column, and this month I delve into the mysteries of the natural and harmonic minor scales. Twelve steps over two pages, complete with an accompanying video, explain how to construct and use these two forms of the minor scale, so if you’ve ever had a minor interest in the subject, why not have a look?


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