iCreate 121 – Custom GarageBand Instruments & Cubasis for iOS

iCreate 121 Cover 500Another issue of iCreate can only mean one thing – another couple of tutorials from me! This month, we’re delving into one of GarageBand’s lesser-known abilities – creating your own custom sample-based instruments. Not a widely publicised feature this, but actually incredibly useful once you know how to pull it off, given GarageBand’s lack of any real sample playback capability – it’s a nifty trick that allows you to reconfigure an existing instrument as a basic sample player, and you can use it to construct anything from your own drum and percussion kits to custom pitched instruments. You’ll find the tutorial on page 56.
Elsewhere, Steinberg have been busy working on a version of Cubase for your iPad. Cubasis is a remarkably solid port of their flagship DAW to the iOS platform, and works in a very similar way to the desktop version. My two-page guide starting on page 92 takes you through some of its more advanced features accessed via the inspector panel, following on from the more basic exploration in the previous issue.


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