Computer Music 190 – HorNet Fat-Fet & LinPlug CM-505

CM190 Cover 500Computer Music magazine hits the shelves with a particularly high-viz cover this month, and all of my bits and pieces can be found near the front of the issue this time around. In the DVD Tutorial section, I get to introduce you to this month’s free plug-in, the excellent HorNet Fat-Fet. This virtual analogue compressor plug-in is modelled on the famous Universal Audio 1176LN Blue Stripe hardware compressor from 1967, and even though the front panel bears no resemblance to the original, it sounds pretty great. You’ll find a full description and in-depth 18-step guide to how to use it on pages 6-8, together with an accompanying video on the cover DVD.

Elsewhere, the CM Plugins Quick Guide feature delves into the innards of the LinPlug CM-505, an exclusive, custom-built analogue drum synth offered as part of the free suite of plugins that comes bundled with each issue of cm. A detailed four-page breakdown of what all the knobs and buttons do, this is the first time I’ve had a go at this kind of feature, and you can see how it turned out on pages 16-19.

So don your shades and get stuck into CM190, available from today in both print and download editions.


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