Video Tutorial – Classic 80’s Gated Reverb Drum Sound – Computer Music 187

Gated Drum Reverb w Plug-ins 640Check out this link to one of my ‘creative noise gating’ tutorial videos, as featured on the cover DVD of issue 187 of Computer Music magazine.

During the late 1980’s, the drum sound of the moment was the massive, beefy gated reverb sound favoured by Phil Collins, Power Station’s Tony Thompson and the like. Originally the product of SSL desks, several mics, hardware gates & compressors and numerous patch leads, you can now get this effect easily within your DAW using just a couple of plug-ins. Let the 80’s revival continue!

This video is just one of a collection of seven creative gating techniques featured on the DVD this issue. If you want to get your hands on the others, plus a whole bunch of other useful stuff, pick up a copy of Computer Music 187!


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