iCreate 115 – GarageBand Notepad & Logic Editing

iCreate 115 506I’ve been so busy over the past couple of weeks trying to get all my commissioned work finished in time for Christmas that I’ve got a bit behind on my posting of announcements of published work. One of the issues that snuck out onto the shelves in the meantime was issue 115 of iCreate, which is still available from all the usual outlets, both physical and digital.

In this latest info-packed edition, which focusses on using your Mac for a wide variety of creative projects, you’ll find two tutorials from me. Firstly, as part of a huge music-making feature entitled “Form Your Own Band”, my step-by-step guide to basic editing in Logic Pro can be found on page 18, designed to help get you up and running if you’re exploring beyond the boundaries of GarageBand. Meanwhile, my GarageBand tutorial on page 38 demonstrates one of the application’s lesser-known features, the Notepad, which allows you to save notes about song lyrics, chord ideas and any other notes concerning your session along with your project.

So if you don’t already have a copy, now’s your chance to grab one while it’s still around!


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