Strike a Chord with Computer Music 182 – Video Now Included!

Hitting the ground running today after a few days break from all things digital, what’s been going on in my absence? Well, first issue of note – literally – is number 182 of Computer Music magazine, which hit the shelves on the 14th August.

Nestling within its feature-packed pages is a four-page guide from me about how to get things moving again if you get stuck in the middle of writing a chord progression. Highlighting some simple, yet tried-and-tested manoeuvres for moving your sequences forward, this issue also marks a personal milestone for me, in that it contains not just the printed walkthrough steps, but also video versions of each tutorial included on the cover-mounted DVD.

Produced and narrated by yours truly, this is my first foray into video tutorials, so if you want to check them out, nip down to Smiths today and pick up a copy of the print edition, or you can download the digital Zinio or Newsstand versions for the Mac and iPad, as the DVD content is now included with the digital versions too!


One thought on “Strike a Chord with Computer Music 182 – Video Now Included!

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