Blue Microphones Support System – All System and No Support?

A little over four weeks ago I bought a Blue Snowball iCE USB mic, just to have knocking about on the desktop for the odd bit of audio recording and to help out with videosong duties. Initially it worked fine, although I wasn’t as impressed by the sound quality as I thought I’d be. However, due to my having a soft spot for the brand, I was prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt.
I really wanted to like this mic and was looking forward to using it, but sadly this has proved to be impossible. It stopped working after ten days, and refused to show up on either of my Macs. I duly emailed Blue tech support and heard nothing for three weeks, so I emailed them again with a complaint. I received a lame excuse for the zero response and still no answer to my query as to what the problem might be. Their support system appears to be made up of all system and no support – the lack of communication is frankly laughable. So I heaved a resigned and heavy sigh, put the mic back in its original packaging and will be returning it to the retailers today for a refund.
My point in posting this sorry saga is this: I used to have the utmost respect for Blue Microphones as a company. I revered their products and hoped to own a few of them someday. After this experience, where their customer support has shown itself to be as lousy as their product, I doubt I will ever be able to recommend their products, and I certainly won’t be purchasing any Blue mics in the future if this is the level of customer support that can be expected should things go wrong.
So if you’re considering purchasing a Blue mic, be warned: if you have a problem with it, and on this showing the chances are that you will, you’re on your own.


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