WWDC – Where Was Dave Clews?

Well, I was so caught up in this week’s writing job of reviewing over 100 news, weather, book and photography apps for an iPad bookazine, I completely forgot that today was WWDC day. As a result, I missed all the webcasts and, by the time I realised, there was only 10 minutes left to go. From scanning the feeds, first impressions are that it was an announcement of many little things, rather than one hugely impressive technology haymaker. The demise of MobileMe is most welcome, as long as there’s a smooth transition to the new iCloud service. Lion looks intriguing, but I get the impression that I’ll have to invest in new hardware to make the most of it, and iOS5 looks the business.
As all the new announcements are digested, I’m sure my opinions will crystallise over the next few days. Now, where’s the link for the QuickTime Keynote video…..?


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